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Caresource greater grand rapids michigan alcon texas address

Caresource greater grand rapids michigan

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They take great care of me. To learn more, contact us today! Call or or email info careresources. Watch our new video series! Learn more about our program as we dispel common myths and answer frequently asked questions. Our Service Area Has Expanded! We now service additional zip codes in Allegan, Barry, and Ionia counties.

Coronavirus Updates Clinical care and other services continue. We are here for you! Previous Next. Care Resources is a community-based program for people 55 years or older that promotes healthy, independent living and helps prevent nursing home placement.

Our team of healthcare professionals works with you and your family to develop a comprehensive care plan helping you make medical decisions every step of the way.

Who we help. Currently, they don't have access to them," said Kendall. Additionally, Kendall says, with a larger customer base they will be able to leverage the economies of scale, which allows them to lower administrative expenses.

Kendall sees growth of the Flint-based health insurer as critical to support the potential need that lies ahead under current health reform guidelines. This growth would position us well to be able to care for more members. The acquisition still requires approval by the state's Financial and Insurance Regulation office before it can become final. The review process is expected to take days. If you purchase a product or register for an account through one of the links on our site, we may receive compensation.

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With a philosophy of strength based, humanistic, person-centered therapy, I will help you to rediscover your internal strengths by providing caring, empathetic and genuinely supportive therapy. My office is a safe space for you to create self awareness and compassion. Life gets real sometimes. Things happen and we can wind up feeling stuck, lost, or hopeless. To top it all off, we often feel pressured to put on a brave face and weather the storm.

Truth be told, I named my therapy practice after a mug my friend gave me which sarcastically declares, "I am a ray of freaking sunshine! It is not all sunshine and rainbows. And that's ok. I am a licensed counselor and registered play therapist supervisor with 19 years of clinical experience in a variety of different settings. I work with all ages, but specialize in the counseling needs of infants, preschoolers, and adolescents.

My specialty areas include diagnosing and treating ADHD, anxiety, eating disorders, attachment, and trauma. As a counselor, I strive to create a safe environment conducive to producing change and growth.

I specialize in addiction treatment. Are you or a loved one struggling with Substance Abuse? Do you need experienced direction for what to do, where to go, and what's the process of substance abuse treatment for yourself or family member? Want to know if you are enabling your family member with a drug or alcohol problem?

You need to find an expert in the field with personal experience to guide you through the journey of recovery. Waitlist for new clients. Greetings and thanks for taking the time to visit my profile.

I have many years of experience working in the Human Services field. I have counseled individuals with developmental disabilities and those without. Specifically, with goal planning, vocational counseling, job development and disability management. Change is hard. That's the saying, right? What if I were to say change is good, but it's the transitions that are hard? Hi, I'm Brittany Stahl, limited licensed counselor. I work with teens and young adults, ages , specifically because this time of life brings many transitional stages.

In middle school and high school we find ourself trying to "find ourself", which is then followed by college or career exploration. Serious dating, marriage, kids, and potentially divorce may follow. These transitions can cause upsetting symptoms of anger, depression, anxiety, identity issues, self-esteem issues, etc. My goal as a therapist is to bring hope, acceptance, and healing to those who are hurting or facing difficult life challenges.

I emphasize an approach that is focused on you, the client, in an honest, safe, and collaborative process that will help you to maximize your innate capacity for wellness. We will work together, utilizing the resources and strengths that you bring, to help you to identify and obtain your goals. Stephanie Slye Psychologist, PsyD. Slye received her undergraduate degree from Michigan State University and her doctorate in clinical psychology from The George Washington University Slye follows a patient-centered approach to help address patient concerns and achieve individual growth.

She uses a modern ego psychology approach integrated with complementary methodologies and techniques to offer personalized care.

You deserve happiness. You deserve respect. My goal is to create a safe space for you, to hear you and help you. Reaching out for help can be scary. Change can be hard work. But I am here to partner with you through the process every step of the way. Are you wanting a therapist that personally understands neurodivergence and spirituality? My ideal client is curious and open minded and together we can figure out how to get from where you are to a more peaceful life with more flow.

Are you seeking connection, understanding, practical help, and some humor from your therapist? Our approach is to provide a supportive, safe, and interculturally competent environment, tailored to your individual needs. Most of our clinicians are bilingual licensed mental health professionals, who are passionate about closing the mental health gap created by language, cultural or religious barriers.

I provide clients with a safe space to share their stories and develop useful tools to overcome their struggles. I believe that every client has the ability to utilize healthy coping skills and effective problem solving techniques. Together, my client and I will form realistic, attainable goals; in turn, we will develop action steps to incrementally work toward achieving these goals.

It is an adventure in moving past, dissolving or reducing painful problems and embracing life, love and relationships. It is more than words; it is experiencing oneself in ways that are meaningful, whatever that looks like for each person.

I work with individuals and couples gay, straight, poly, trans , who want more from their lives. I believe there is always hope and possibilities and I passionately work with people to discover opportunities for more of what they want in life.

Holland, MI I provide a collaborative therapy with adults and teens. I have a broad range of experience in working with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive behavior, substance abuse, impulse control, and major life adjustment issues. My therapeutic orientation is primarily Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy while incorporating eclectic ideas. I especially enjoy working with individuals who feel stuck at an impasse and are ready to make some important changes.

Waitlist for new clients. Sessions are available online or in office. Are you someone who is struggling in daily life? Anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide?

Or maybe you are unhappy in your relationship or life, but you are not sure why you feel that way. Imagine feeling comfortable and having someone to talk too who is really listening to your issues and how they impact your life.

The first step is reaching out for help and that is what we are here to do for you. You will never be met with judgement or harsh words.

Julie A. Do you feel stuck, yearning to change, but are stalled at the starting blocks? Are you drowning in a life transition? Are you an adult, a couple, a teen, or a parent of a child struggling with anxiety, depression, or life in general? If you're mired in personal, family, health, job, or academic challenges, let's dive into your concerns, uncover your underlying issues, and get you back in balance. You'll become empowered to resolve, stabilize, and thrive.

My years as a Licensed Psychologist give me the tools to evaluate and effectively address personal, emotional, and adjustment issues. I provide supervision for LLPCs. My therapeutic approach is holistic, to not just focus on the presenting concern s.

I offer cranial electrotherapy stimulation, Neurofeedback, and EMDR administered with state of the art technology, as treatment options. I value the connection and trust necessary for a therapeutic relationship to feel comfortable, successful and productive. I strive to help my clients feel safe to share honestly while offering validation and accountability for opportunities of growth, empowerment, and skill-building.

We work together to identify origins of problematic or maladaptive beliefs and patterns of behavior in order to confront and replace them. With compassion, patience and empathy, I assist clients in gaining effective coping skills, setting healthy boundaries, implementing positive lifestyle choices, and improving decision-making strategies.

Not accepting new clients. What dreams do you want to manifest? What does your inner child want you to know? What parts of yourself want to be awakened? The prolonged impacts of trauma can feel like looking into a distorted mirror and wondering, "Who am I? Accepting yourself may mean accepting your feelings, identity, perspective, values, and authentic inner nature! I believe you have the power within to manifest changes in your unique reality.

Ferndale, MI My goal as a therapist is to create space for my clients to learn effective coping skills for emotional regulation, manage difficult life changes and gain insight using a person-centered, trauma-informed lens. I believe drawing from existing strengths and focusing on self-care practices is necessary for making positive changes in life.

My professional experience using EMDR, CBT and motivational interviewing has been able to help guide others in the therapy process and overcome past barriers to treatment. Monthly we have our "Mommy Circles" which give Mommies pregnant, postpartum, experienced a chance to discuss issues they face daily as a Mom.

This service allows you to exercise your body after exercising your mind. Derik Van Baale utilizes solution focused therapy on a virtual platform to help clients move through difficult life experiences. Though Dr. Van Baale specializes in treating combat related PTSD, he has successfully helped clients who struggle with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and infidelity. He also works with clients who want to make positive life changes to achieve personal goals such as losing weight or managing anger.

Though many individuals are wary of seeing a therapist, Dr. Van Baale's straight forward approach and focus on finding solutions has been an attractive option for even the most hesitant of clients. I provide psychotherapy and treat individuals and families. We can work together to help you alleviate stress and distress, improve self esteem and relationships, strengthen academic and occupational dynamics and enhance your quality of life.

Theoretical orientation is psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral and family systems. I am in network with various insurance companies and will offer sliding scale if indicated. Providing a space of safety and acceptance to explore life issues, we work together to begin the process of change.

Beginning with a solution-focused approach, we begin with your strengths. A key to this is learning to effectively use tools coping skills along with being able to see and understand situations differently. We work together to improve the health of your relationships, the most important one being with yourself, and then other relationships in your life.

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