injector metering rail 1 pressure cummins code 157
cummins n14 525 hp injectors

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Injector metering rail 1 pressure cummins code 157 cvs health talent acquisition illinois

Injector metering rail 1 pressure cummins code 157

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Tanker Driver. Solo Truck Driving. Local Truck Driving. Team Truck Driving. No Experience Truck Driving. Experienced Truck Driving. OTR Trucking. Intermodal Driver. Hazmat Driver. Jan 21, 1. I got a Peterbilt with a Cummins isx For the last two weeks I've been getting a check engine light with code spn FMI18 Fuel rail pressure, code reads fuel rail pressure valid but below average. Truck sat for two weeks over holidays and I replaced both fuel filters and the fuel rail pressure sensor.

Didn't fix the problem so took the truck to an engine shop, they troubleshooted for 5 hrs and can't find the problem, said all fuel pressures check out and couldn't find the cause. Truck runs fine except loaded pulling large hills. Anybody have any ideas? Trucker , Jan 21, Wait, employers can't reach you! By checking this box and clicking the "Send me job offers" button below. I understand that my consent is not required to get job alerts. Jan 21, 2. Fuel pump Inspect immediately, known issue for isx especially those years.

Ceramic parts inside break and get out through engine. Result is engine is toast. YouTube isx fuel pump ceramic or something similar. Jan 21, 3. I second that. We have one now that needs a new engine cause the fuel plunger went through the engine.

Intothesunset Thanks this. Jan 21, 4. Fuel pump. Well known problem children. WitchingHour , Jan 21, Even if your plungers are made of titanium, there is always a chance of failure, and not just on rare occasions. The reason for this is that Cummins has created a special checklist for this error code.

Then Cummins monitors the mechanics as they go through this checklist. What that means is that the mechanic has to go through each step and take no shortcuts. On top of that, it takes special equipment to diagnose this error code. Not every authorized Cummins repair shop close to you has this special equipment or the special tools to fix the problem.

What caused this problem in this particular case was a drop in fuel pressure. Sometimes the only fix is replacing the fuel tank. In another case, found that once the tank was removed and opened up, a small piece of plastic was found inside the fuel tank that impeded the flow of the fuel. That triggered the alert and caused a long repair time. It has been said that there is a big difference between a Cummins shop and an authorized dealer.

The reason this has been stated is that the former has the specialized tools and equipment to diagnose the problem. The latter is helpful but often lacks those tools and knowledge. My problem was resolved only when we went through three different shops, 3 sets of local mechanics, the field supervisor, the regional service supervisor, the lowest of three Cummins engineering levels, and finally the middle Cummins engineering levels.

Jones post. Not all error codes will be easy to fix. They may not be easy to find either as you just found out. Fortunately for the two owners, the companies they bought their RVs from were very helpful. This is not a DIY fix.

You will have to go to Cummins or their chops to get the problem resolved. Even if it is something simple like plastic in the fuel tank, it may take some time to find the problem. Roadside emergency service companies can be very helpful at this time. Share Pin.

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