center for medicare and medicaid services certification exams
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Center for medicare and medicaid services certification exams

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SMQT jobs are available only to those who have the proper experience. States have the discretion to require more than two years of work experience for their SMQT certification program.

You may also have to agree to a background check and submit fingerprints. To become eligible for the SMQT test, you must first complete a comprehensive training course.

The training begins with a series of online sessions covering the basics of surveying Medicare and Medicaid-eligible facilities. Once you complete these sessions, you may move on to a classroom lecture with two survey teams of four members.

The training facility may increase the size of its class beyond eight so long as it keeps the four-member team structure. The next step of survey training includes a mock survey of a long-term facility. The mock survey is only for training purposes and does not count on your final evaluation. Two trainers must be present at the facility throughout the survey to make sure the students follow the correct procedures. The trainers discuss any problems with the mock survey after it is finished.

If the result was not satisfactory, you will be given an opportunity to attempt another mock survey. You must demonstrate the ability to complete a survey of record before becoming eligible to take the SMQT exam.

The survey of record is official and becomes a part of your final evaluation and can also be a helpful part of SMQT text prep. The two trainers present for the survey will complete a compliance assessment after the end of the survey. This form only gathers feedback about the website. If you would like to continue helping us improve Mass. An official website of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Here's how you know Official websites use.

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